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Everyone in DUA Foundation a non-profit Charity is a volunteer so your donation is not wasted on salaries and overheads. We send your entire donation to the overseas and local projects.

The projects include: an fee-free Hospitals with all medical facilities, fee-free Primary Schools, Colleges, Universities in poorest countries, educational support and counselling in world's rural/urban areas, building for all above purposes in developing countries rural and urban areas, as well as medical education, vocational training, training and support for those rural and urban areas women and youngsters to support themselves in life and can make a different in their lives because DUA Foundation is World’s local Charity and that’s why world’s every single person is volunteer for this non-profit organization.

Donate as you earn

Through your salary you can give our charity your donation which will come through your salary before your tax, which is a very simple way to give our charity and can make a big change in family’s life.

By asking with your employer if they have payroll giving scheme, they will give you a form to, fill and then give it to your employer and they will donate from your salary to our charity after that we will write to you by confirming your donation.

But if your employer is not a member of payroll give scheme, they can register with Payroll Giving Agency. It is easy and free to set up. More information please visit: HRMC after registered with PGS, employer can also Professional Fundraising Organisation to promote to all your staff PGS. For more information please visit: Payroll Giving Centre

Gift from your Will

A best way to donate from your Will to our Charity, that way we can help homeless families, old age couples, abandoned children begin to rebuild their lives by contributing to all local societies.

By leaving minimum of 10% from your property to our charity in your Wills, can qualify for the reduction rate of inheritance tax of 36%. More information please visit: HMRC

Significant gifts

By donating over £7, 000 to our charity you can make a selection from our on-going projects EducationAid, HealthAid, HousingAid, Electricit &GasAid, WaterAid, where we can spend your donation, in that case your donation will change lives.

A good chance to change life for all Corporations getting involved to help our charity by encouraging your staffers for fundraising for our kind charity or sponsor one of our projects EducationAid, HealthAid, HousingAid, Electricity & GasAid, WaterAid, will be very kind support of your company and staffs.

  1. You can encourage your employees to fundraise for our charity by organising events or joining challenge events.
  2. A great way to help our charity is by sponsoring one of our events, by this way even your company can get publicity.
  3. Even you can donate any goods which you think will be very useful for any of our projects EducationAid, HealthAid, HousingAid, Electricit &GasAid, WaterAid.

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