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Dua Foundation is committed to working in collaboration with world’s communities to identify and address their needs. With graduation rates can be increase in their primary schools, particularly amongst young girls, the need for on-going education was identified. As such, Dua Foundation has chosen to implement comprehensive secondary education in the Pakistan, region of Punjab with the establishment of the Dua Girls Secondary School. And DUA Foundation also committed to build Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Colleges in all the World's Developing Countries' Rural/Urban areas. Please donate generously  in any project which you would like to support.


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Donation for Hospital

  • Donate a full room: £2,000
  • Donate a Window: £ 550
  • Donate per square foot: £200
  • Donate a hospital bed set: £350
  • Donate a wheelchair: £250
  • Donate an Ambulance: £49,000

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Donation for School

  • Classroom 5 Chairs: £90
  • Classroom 5 Tables: £145
  • Canteen Table: £49
  • A student uniform: £50
  • Exam Desk: £20
  • Donate per square foot: £100  

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How you can help us

  • Sponsor a Village Water Pump: £250
  • Sponsor a Child’s Education yearly: £450
  • Donation for Child yearly Books: 150
  • Monthly Donation for cause: £5
  • Best gift ever: £5,000

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