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Dua Foundation Major Projects for 2013-2014

Our Charity will support these projects for a total investment of £900,000. One project, will achieve a construction of a free Building for Education project in Punjab for those communities who cannot afford basic education facilities, so a looking wonderful partner to donate or grant for this well cause project with the cost of £100,000.

Our second project, a major new investment for Dua Foundation in 2013 and 2014,  Dua Foundation non-profit charity to support the construction of 400 beds free Hospital with all facilities in the same area of Punjab for community’s families who cannot afford or don’t have health facilities. This will cost £8,000,000 and we need your support.

Latest Education and Health Projects 

  1. Chiniot is Punjab’s poorest remote area. Our mobile clinics reach very remote communities that had no previous access to clean water, basic healthcare, and access to education. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will join Shining Hope in this amazing journey of Compassion and generosity.
    We have started the construction of a no-fee Hospital of 400 beds with all medical facilities and one College and University for the population of more than 400,000 people in Chiniot, Punjab Asia, and these two projects will cost £1 million, to educate young girls/boy poor and orphaned children who cannot afford, and we continue to fund the on-going operational expenses and programs that sustain it. The projects located on a 10 acre Land in a low income area of Chiniot, Punjab.
  2. Dua Foundation has started a Primary School in Shehdara, Punjab in 2011, a junior high school was established and running by your donations. The project has introduced computers and internet access to the remote area. We are now working with the community to build a computer lab. Our future plans include buying some land to build a proper school/community centre for this remote area ‘school.
  3. Dua Foundation has started a plan housing project for refugees families and for those peoples who are homeless in developing countries, especially in Punjab, because more than 100’s thousands families area migration from their own countries where the war is started like Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq etc. Our aim to build housing colonies with at least 400 houses with different size of refugee families in different countries who are in ward crisis.
  4. Our Aim to build and setup community’s centres in this world’s developing countries’ remote and urban areas where all peoples of different communities can join their community centres.


Donation for Hospital

  • Donate a full room: £2,000
  • Donate a Window: £ 550
  • Donate per square foot: £200
  • Donate a hospital bed set: £350
  • Donate a wheelchair: £250
  • Donate an Ambulance: £49,000

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Donation for School

  • Classroom 5 Chairs: £90
  • Classroom 5 Tables: £145
  • Canteen Table: £49
  • A student uniform: £50
  • Exam Desk: £20
  • Donate per square foot: £100  

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How you can help us

  • Sponsor a Village Water Pump: £250
  • Sponsor a Child’s Education yearly: £450
  • Donation for Child yearly Books: 150
  • Monthly Donation for cause: £5
  • Best gift ever: £5,000

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