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More smiles with help in education!

Dua Foundation a non-profit charity is committed to working in collaboration with world’s communities to identify and address their needs. With graduation rates can be increase in their primary schools, particularly amongst young girls, the need for on-going education was identified. As such, Dua Foundation Charity has chosen to implement comprehensive secondary education in the Pakistan, region of Punjab with the establishment of the Dua Girls Secondary School.

Quality of Education

  • Poor developing countries struggles to provide quality education and infrastructure as indicated by student-to-teacher ratios, primary completion rates, secondary enrolment, and youth literacy rates.
  • Student-to-teacher ratios have increased in sub-Saharan Africa due to mandatory enrolment, creating an average ratio of 72 students to 1 teacher.
  • Four million new primary school teachers are needed in East Africa alone to reach the goal of universal primary education by 2015.

 The facts behind Dua Foundation's Education Project

‘Education of women is the key to economic productivity and political stability’

Around 111 million children worldwide who do not attend primary school - more than 61 million of these are girls. Basic literacy and numeracy skills are the fundamental tools that will enable girls and women, as well as boys and men, to take hold of their lives and develop solutions adapted to the needs of their communities and country.

Through the world’s media and Research institutions shows that programs directed to the education of girls are more effective than virtually any other community investment in the developing world.


Why Support Dua Foundation's Children?

‘educate a child make a safe society’

Dua Foundation World's loal Charity has started working internationally with rural and marginalized world’s communities in the India, Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and other part of developing countries around the world. And our first preference to observed and make sure your donation go for proper project.

Education projects are central to Dua Foundation’s Children’s holistic and sustainable development model, Adopt a Village. Through the education pillar of this model, Dua Foundation want to builds and outfits primary schools including classrooms, libraries, gender-specific latrines, school gardens, kitchens and dining halls. They will also provide professional development, pedagogical training and on-site living accommodations for educators to ensure the highest quality of education. Education projects are implemented in conjunction with the other pillars of its Adopt a Village model: clean water and sanitation, health, alternative income and livelihoods, and agriculture and food security. This holistic model eliminates the obstacles preventing children from accessing primary education and equips communities with the tools needed to lift themselves from poverty.

An independent evaluation of Adopt a Village concluded that the model is effective at facilitating a path to economic self-sufficiency and prioritizing education and gender equality; it supports all of the millennium development goals focused on community-level development and is aligned with accepted components of successful development; it embraces several principles of sustainable development; and it utilizes cost-effective programs to produce complimentary, reinforcing outcomes.

Please Come to help ! Its a profitable move.                 

Stop discrimination

In this generation families continue to face discrimination in many aspects of their life, including access to education, economic opportunities, health care, and clean water. Where quality education is inadequate and families need to supplement their income, children are forced into exploitative labour and rural to urban migration.

Help us to help them

Construction of schools in rural areas of developing countries could be a very positive impact on the whole community with immediate results in school enrolment of children especially girls. Dua Foundation will make commitment to bring back all children into school in most particularly of young girls in rural areas of developing countries.

Sponsor a girl

In developing countries, approximately 41 per cent of children not attending schools. Because these girls face additional challenges due to traditional gender bias in developing countries’ rural areas. Around more than 50 Million Girls still aren’t in the fact is that of these girls unable to access education, 70 per cent come from ethnic minorities and socially excluded groups. Read more...

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