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girl-educationDua Foundation's focus on Girl's Education/Health

‘Healthy, safe, empowered girls transform families, communities and countries’

Basic quality education provides girls with access to health and nutrition information for themselves and their families. It provides a safe place to grow as they learn. It gives them the knowledge to provide economic support to their family. It delays marriage and pregnancy, thereby lowering infant and maternal mortality. And an educated woman is more likely to send her children - both boys and girls - to school, thereby increasing the likelihood of future generations receiving an education.

50 Million Girls are still out of school

In developing countries, approximately 41 per cent of children not attending schools. Because these girls face additional challenges due to traditional gender bias in developing countries’ rural areas. Around more than 50 Million Girls still aren’t in the fact is that of these girls unable to access education, 70 per cent come from ethnic minorities and socially excluded groups. Pakistan faces an educational emergency with disastrous human consequences.

  • A third of children spent less than two years at school in developing countries.
  • There are over 40 million school age children; half cannot read a sentence.
  • 25 million children in Pakistan do not get education.
  • Only one third of women in rural Pakistan can read
  • 30,000 school buildings are so neglected that they are dangerous
  • 21,000 schools do not have a school building at all
  • Only half of all women in Pakistan can read, in rural areas the figure drops to one third
  • There are 26 countries poorer than Pakistan who still manages to send more of their children to school.

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Donation for Hospital

  • Donate a full room: £2,000
  • Donate a Window: £ 550
  • Donate per square foot: £200
  • Donate a hospital bed set: £350
  • Donate a wheelchair: £250
  • Donate an Ambulance: £49,000

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Donation for School

  • Classroom 5 Chairs: £90
  • Classroom 5 Tables: £145
  • Canteen Table: £49
  • A student uniform: £50
  • Exam Desk: £20
  • Donate per square foot: £100  

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How you can help us

  • Sponsor a Village Water Pump: £250
  • Sponsor a Child’s Education yearly: £450
  • Donation for Child yearly Books: 150
  • Monthly Donation for cause: £5
  • Best gift ever: £5,000

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