Educational Fundraising

Colleges Involvement for fundraising

Construction of free shools, colleges, universities and hospitals buildings

Fundraise: Get your club, fraternity, sorority, or friends to organize a fundraising event around The Education Fund/The Health Fund. Host a party where guests donate to The Education Fund/The Health Fund. Organize a spoken word or a canella event to raise money for kids. Screen print t-shirts and donate the profits. The Education Fund/The Health Fund receives the majority of its person-to-person funding from individual funders and small fundraisers just like this. A fundraiser could be a week, month or yearlong commitment, depending on what you decide to do. No matter how much time you spend, you can be sure that 100% of the dollars you fundraise will go directly to fund students' school fees in the developing world.

Raise Awareness: Write about our The Education Fund/The Health Fund in your school newspaper or write an op-ed for your school's international policy or education journal. Action must start with knowledge of the issue; visit our education section to learn more about the importance of education.

Schools Involvement for fundraising

For Students: Start a Club: Students can get involved with The Education Fund by starting a Chapter of any book at your high school or middle school. Starting a Chapter is simple. Each student group must fund and communicate with at least one school student over the course of the year. To learn more about how to start a Chapter email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to tell us you're thinking about starting a Chapter. We'll let you know within a day or two if your application has been accepted, and then you can start changing lives.

Help us by making School Fund Challenge: All schools students across the world can help us by joining forces with funds raising awareness about educational inequality and fund student scholarships. The Education Fund Challenge will be a unique opportunity for students to have fun, educate communities, and begin to make a tangible difference in the world at large.

On the day of the Challenge, teams of students, armed with a task list and box of supplies, can gather to write facts about education in chalk around their town, put up posters, and complete other activities that start to build awareness about the need for educational equity in their community. For every activity that a team completes, they will earn points that translate into pound/dollars usable to fund a student at "Duafoundation". This means that teams fund students' education without ever having to ask for a single dollar or sell a single cookie-- all they have to do is share what they know. 

Please email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about how you can start a chapter of The Education Fund at your school. Alternately, consider including The Education Fund as an issue for discussion or fundraising in the service club you already belong to.

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