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First Aid Humanitarians Appeal to buy Ambulances, equipment for Patients 


One of the most important elements in world’s developing countries’ rural areas is lack of basic medical facilities and patients transportation in any kind of emergency. DUA Foundation a non-profit world’s local charity Urgent need ambulances to give services to the neighbourhood population for patient transport during emergency and non-emergency needs in developing countries rural and urban areas. Will support to it reduce the time needed to reach peoples in case of emergency in hospitals in rural and urban areas to support peoples, Our Charity want to support with advanced cardiac and trauma life support facilities – Defibrillator, cardiac monitor, Ventilator, Transcutaneous pacer, Spine board, scoop stretcher, evacuation chair, splints, oxygen, suction etc. in to those areas where really peoples need this.

With Free of cost and highest quality of service we expect to meet all rural and urban area patients’ transportation requirements

In-Emergency: If someone has an emergency medical situation at home or work places our ambulance serves with medical facility at will be people’s doorstep. Our trained staff will assess, stabilize and transport peoples loved one to the nearest hospital or other healthcare facility as per the requirement.

Non-emergency: Our ambulance service can be utilised for transportation of patients who need special assistance like spinal injuries, paralysis or weakness of limbs, fractures etc., in rural and urban areas.

Event Ambulance: One of the most important elements in rural areas is the safety and security of peoples. Our Charity’s arrangements must be made to ensure reasonable medical attention can be administered should the need arise. This type of medical service can be provided through our Ambulances services. Ambulance service will offers an extensive inventory of equipment and modes of transportation designed to meet the needs of individual and group of peoples.

For the first time only DUA Foundation, the world’s local charity trying to reach world’s developing countries’ rural areas where peoples area waiting to get this kind of medical services, that’s why we want to make sure with your donations that healthcare initiative now available in all neighbourhood providing free of cost emergency and non-emergency medical care needs round the clock in a good, fast and kind manner.

Urgent care is the delivery of ambulatory care in a facility dedicated to the delivery of emergency medical care outside of a hospital emergency department, usually on an unscheduled, walk-in basis.

As well Our Hospitals will not only specialize in dealing with all kinds of medical emergencies but can also take care of all villagers routine healthcare needs in the neighbourhood of peoples home or workplace like fields. All ages peoples will be have the convenience of walking in at any time of the day without worrying for an appointment to see DUA Foundation’s Hospitals’ doctors. Because DUA Foundation’s practitioners will be all the time on the “front lines” of medicine, they will be proficient in evaluating and caring for any patient who walks into an urgent care. We will also work in collaboration with people’s primary care physicians and specialists to ensure continuity of care when they are unavailable to care for villagers. Our consult rooms will provide the opportunity to see specialists like cardiologists, surgeons, neurologist in rural area’s own neighbourhood. Will be able to get their blood tests, urine tests, ECGs, Digital X rays, vaccination etc. done at any time convenient to peoples as will open are 24 hours open. Our Hospitals will have treatment beds and patients are admitted for treatments required.                                                       Any questions? Sponsor a FirstAid is the right answer!

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