Organizational Fundraising

Business Involvement

By Engaging Ur small business: Small businesses have the power to make big change at an organization like The Hospital Funds/The Medical Funds. For a small investment, businesses can sponsor two students or one Hospital’s room, making all the difference in the world to those individuals. Supporting The Hospital Funds/The College Funds communicates to customers your business's commitment to education equity globally. No matter how much you choose to commit, you can be sure that 100% of those dollars will go directly to fund students' school fees/patient’s treatment in the developing world. Please email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in getting your small business involved.

Devote a Portion of Your Profits to a Student: By having a TSF "day" where 5% of profits go to funding students' educations. These kinds of campaigns have the potential to powerfully impact both your business and The Hospital Funds/The School Funds goal of raising awareness about the educational/health inequities in the developing world.

‘Round Up’ for The Hospital Funds/The School Funds: By asking your customers if they would like to round up their purchase to the nearest pound/dollar where the difference goes to supporting a student's education/patients treatment. These donations can spark a conversation about The Hospital Funds/The School Funds and have benefits that extend beyond a simple one-time transaction.

Add On a Pound/Dollar: Ask customers if they would like to make a donation of one pound/dollar in support of The Hospital Funds/The School Funds Fund at the end of each purchase. These kinds of micro donations are a limited commitment for funders, but together can change a student's/patients life.

Community Involvement

By engaging your Religious Community: Religious institutions have a long history of good work in the developing world. By partnering with The Hospital Funds/The School Funds, you can help your religious community to continue this tradition while also helping your friends and neighbours to personally connect with a student/patient on the other side of the world. If you want more information about how to help your religious community connect with The Hospital Funds/The Medical University Funds, please email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By raising awareness: Tell the people in your religious community about The Hospital Funds/The Medical Funds in services, study, or youth group. Include a statement about The Hospital Funds/The College Funds in the weekly bulletin. It only takes one person to spread a big idea, so consider encouraging your religious community to sponsor the funding of one, two, or five students/patients and connect personally with these needier across continents.

Have a bit of Sponsor a Community Child education & health when you're tired!

Instant Donations

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