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dua-foundation-locationAs we strengthen our sustainable growth ability we intend to expand to other communities within third world countries’ remote and urban areas as well Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya and Tanzania and into neighbouring East African countries.

International Education and health laws require that all children attend primary school and health facilities, which is similar to developed countries grade school. Due to the poverty levels and lack of government infrastructure there are few schools, health clinics in many communities, and many that exist do not provide a quality education, health.

Even in third world countries, where the school infrastructure is further along than in Pakistan, it is expensive to attend a “free” school, health clinics due to the cost of medicine, uniforms, supplies and in many cases boarding facilities. A majority of children live in extremely rural and impoverished areas, where the hope of attending school, health clinics is a distant dream to even the most academically gifted children.

In addition to financial obstacles, children face major infrastructure obstacles to attending school regularly. For example, a big part of every child’s day, usually the girls, is spent fetching water for the family and the school, where it is used for daily needs such as preparing porridge and watering the trees and plants.

Something as simple as watering the plants has huge health impacts, including keeping the dust down to reduce eye infections. With the closest water source for a village sometimes miles away, time spent fetching water is precious time not spent in school.

Crowded and dilapidated classrooms, coupled with insufficient teaching resources and instructional time, reflect well-below average standard of educational institutions. Advanced learning is impeded due to non-existent basic math and science materials.

Sponsor Child education & health is a female force!

Donation for Hospital

  • Donate a full room: £2,000
  • Donate a Window: £ 550
  • Donate per square foot: £200
  • Donate a hospital bed set: £350
  • Donate a wheelchair: £250
  • Donate an Ambulance: £49,000

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Donation for School

  • Classroom 5 Chairs: £90
  • Classroom 5 Tables: £145
  • Canteen Table: £49
  • A student uniform: £50
  • Exam Desk: £20
  • Donate per square foot: £100  

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How you can help us

  • Sponsor a Village Water Pump: £250
  • Sponsor a Child’s Education yearly: £450
  • Donation for Child yearly Books: 150
  • Monthly Donation for cause: £5
  • Best gift ever: £5,000

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We would like you to invite us to your place of worship in UK. We would love to come talk to your religious community and tell our story of giving back. Email Mr Khan at info@dua-foundation.org or contact us